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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

EYE on the World - Swiss Billionaire Says​,​ Massive Bank Crisis​ Hitting Singapore

Swiss Billionaire Says
 Massive Bank Crisis

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Billionaire Felix Zulauf:
​ ​
A massive banking crisis is brewing in Singapore:

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​Th​e global banking system is in rough shape as the house of cards created by giant credit-driven realty and stock market bubbles  in  China , Asia and elsewhere,  are tumbling down. Remember 2008? The first signs  began with - 

  Societe Generale pulling the plug on  US securitized mortgage debt in early August 2007, that then  triggering trading losses of  4.9 billion pounds  in January 2008.  Then  eight months  later  the crisis heightens and hits  North American  shores  causing a market meltdown, the fall of Lehman Brothers and the greatest banking bailout in US history. Guess what?  This one is much bigger. The consequences are assured to be much uglier .  

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​ more signals​
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world’s 2nd largest port, container traffic fell 9% in 2015*, off 12% in January
​, too​
. *1st decline in 6 years:


Canadian Banks Sure to Fall  with  Global System
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Last time, the Canadian banks were pretty well  immune from the  financial tidal wave that devastated much of the global banking system  in 2008. This time will be a different story. Real estate bubbles in its major cities along with world-leading consumer household debt to disposable income are  thereby placing these national banks on all the international monetary watch lists.   More bubble, bubble troubles...  

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Another case of greedy CEO's levering their institutional balance sheets to create excessive personal bonuses. Grand larceny at its best, when it's done with a pen; not a gun!  So,  it's the same ole game, that begs the question - where are the boards?  More importantly, where are the regulators? Is everyone, since 2008,  "still asleep" at the switch?

They probably don't even know where it is!

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